No Entry Signs

No Access Signs

No Access signs are used to show when, where and to whom access is not allowed.

The 2 most common access safety signs are:

No entry signs are in important part of site safety signage and protecting the security and privacy of your buildings.

Safety Sign Supplies sells a wide range of No Entry and No access signs.




Standard No Entry Signs

The standard No Entry  / No Access signs feature the EN7010 complaint symbol of a man with an out stretched hand, with fingers pointing upwards and palm facing outwards.  This man is placed within a prohibition symbol (red circle with a diagonal line) on a standard red prohibition sign format.

Site No Entry Signs

Construction site -  no entry signs, include the no entry symbol but can also provide additional information.  For example detailing health and safety requirements for contractors entering the site or warnings to parents.  In the case of mandatory information (for example mandating the need for safety boots) - this will normally be provided on a blue background.  Warning information, such as warnings to parents about the dangers of the site will be provided on a yellow background.  These signs can be customised to include the contact details of your business and your business logo.

No Entry road signs

Safety Sign Supplies can also  provide No Entry temporary road signs, these are large format Steel A-frames that can be placed to temporarily close a road for use in roadworks or managing car parks or other private or public road closures. 

We also provide a range of Aluminium composite signs that can be mounted on poles for permanent No Entry signage for one-way roads or service exits.


No Access to unauthorised personnel  / authorised personnel only
This adaption of a standard no access sign can be used for any are of your site with restricted access requirements.  It can be provided in a wide range of materials to ensure you can find a size and format that will work for your location.

Specialist No Entry / No Access signs

You can buy a range of specialist signs specifying no entry / access to cars or pedestrians.  We can also customise these signs to include any specific messaging or warning / mandatory conditions that you need to enforce. 



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