Sign Size Guide

Our sign products come in a vast array of sizes to suit every need. All the dimensions are in millimetres (mm) and are stated in the format - width x height.

The following codes are used to indicate sizes:

Signs which approximate to ISO Paper Sizes

ISO Size Guide

A1P = 600x800mm, A1L = 800x600mm

A2P = 400x600mm, A2L = 600x400mm

A3P = 300x400mm, A3L = 400x300mm

A4P = 200x300mm, A4L = 300x200mm

A5P = 150x200mm, A5L = 200x150mm

A6P = 100x150mm, A6L = 150x100mm

A7P = 75x100mm, A7L = 100x75mm


Landscape (long and thin) signs:

Landscape sign Size Guide

L82 = 800x200mm

L62 = 600x200mm

L61 = 600x150mm

L41 = 450x150mm

L42 = 400x200mm

L32 = 300x150mm

L31 = 300x100mm

L26 = 225x60mm

L15 = 150x50mm


Square Signs:

Square sign Size Guide

S60 = 600x600mm

S40 = 400x400mm

S20 = 200x200mm

S10 = 100x100mm

S85 = 85x85mm

For the latest advice on safety sign size choices and more information about which sign size is right in different situations, why not take a look at recent blog entries on the subject:

In most cases a sign can be produced in ANY of our standard sizes - although only the most popular choices are shown on the website. Contact us on 0845 527 1625 for other options.

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