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New signage legislation for 3 story + buildings

2nd December 2022 |


Safety Sign Supplies from Viking Signs
Did you know you may need new signs?
Building Regulations have been amended to include Stairway, Floor and Flat indicator signs
Fire Safety Document B has been amended
Do you manage a dwelling of 3 or more floors?
You're now required to have way finding signs that include stairway, floor number and flat identifiers. We have developed a full range to cover the new legislation and created as many standard variations as we can. If you can't find the one you need you can make a custom version on our website, or get in touch and we can take care of it for you.
Stairways. Available in A and B as standard.
Stairway B Identifier Sign
Floor numbers. Available in Floor -1 to Floor 9 as standard.
Ground 0 Identifier Sign
Floor 1 Identifier Sign
Flat/Room numbers. Available in 1-4 and 5-9 as standard.
Flats 1 - 4 Identifier Sign
Rooms 5 -9 Identifier Sign
If you can't find the one you need, we can make it for you.


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