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Make sure your safety signs are visible!

13th October 2014 | Health and Safety Signs

Safety signs are an essential part of protecting your employees from injuries, so you should make sure you have them hung up wherever it is necessary. However, simply sticking them on a wall and forgetting about them is no good. You need to make sure they remain visible and that their message is always clear, or else they can be missed by your employees.

Keeping your signs visible is easy if you remember to do it. Here's all you need to do:


Avoid clutter

If you've got boxes of work materials, old chairs, potted plants and other random items piled up in front of your sign, it is not going to be legible. You shouldn't have heaps of unused stuff lying around your office anyway, but if you do then you need to store it somewhere else.

Other safety signs can also count as clutter. If you put ten, five or even just two signs in close proximity to each other, their message can get diluted and it can be hard to tell what the hazards are from a distance.


Keep them clean

Even just a little bit of dirt can obscure the meaning of a sign. The pictograms are nice and simple, but if the sign is covered in layers of dust then it can be difficult to decipher them. Keep on top of maintaining your signs, and make sure they are dusted regularly as part of your workplace's general cleaning.


Think about the lighting

If you put your signs in a dark corner, chances are they will not get noticed. They will sit there, failing to warn anyone of any kind of danger. You need to make sure they are well-lit so they can be immediately noticed.

Conversely, if there is light shining directly on them then there might be glare, which can also make them difficult to read. If your employees have to squint to see them, you should consider moving the signs or investing in a slightly weaker bulb!ADNFCR-2754-ID-801753961-ADNFCR


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