Fire Exit Signs

Fire exit signs or Emergency exit signs indicate the direction of the exit in the event of a fire or emergency requiring evacuation of a building.

Fire exit signs need to be positioned to demonstrate the route you want people in your building to take in the event of a fire, effectively being the shortest route to safety.  They play a major role in fire safety signage along with alarm call point signs, fire extinguisher signs, fire door signs and assembly points signs.




Where to fix signs

How and where you fix signs is is also very important to ensure that signs can be seen in the event of a fire.  Photoluminescent signs absorb light and then glow in a dark of smoke filled environment meaning that they can be more easily seen.   Safety Sign Supplies also offers a series of fixing kits that will allow you to fit the signs in a way that is safe, visible and appropriate for the layout of your office or building.  We recommend contacting a health and safety professional to advise you on how and where to place fire exit signs in your building.

EN7010 Fire Exit Signs

The signs available on this site are all compliant with EN7010.  This is new European legislation that specifies how signs are laid out and what symbols and colours the use, to ensure consistency and effectiveness in safety signs across Europe.   This legislation replaces BS 5499.  There only major difference between these two standards in Fire Exit signs is the shape of the foot of the fleeing man showing leaving through a door. 


The most popular fire exit safety signs are:

If you're looking to buy some fire exit signs, but you're not sure which ones are right for you, we've got some recommendations on our safety signs blog, which might help you to choose the right signs for the right location:

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