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Safety tips for new starters

17th October 2014 | Health and Safety Signs

Taking on new members of staff always requires a bit of extra work at first. They need to be taught all about the day-to-day jobs they will be doing as part of your business, taken through the specialised procedures they will be performing and generally shown around your workplace.

However, perhaps the most important thing you need to do is make sure they are familiar with all the safety procedures that are in place. You never know when an emergency situation is going to occur, so it is better to make sure your new recruits are as safe as possible from day one.

The first step is to show them where the fire exits are. You will almost certainly have fire signs pointing this out, but it is still worth showing your new employees exactly where to go. This just avoids any confusion in a chaotic emergency situation.

If you have any unusual safety procedures, you need to make these known straight away. This can include the use of a machine or tool that not many people will have experience with, or a risk in your office that might not be apparent at first sight.

It is worth taking them through what all your safety signs mean as well. The signs are not intended to be a comprehensive guide to risks and how to avoid them, but a reminder of workplace dangers.

As such, you should make sure your new employees are aware of what the signs signify before they start. That way, they can look at them each day and be reminded of the safety procedures they need to follow in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

Some workplaces provide their new employees with a safety handbook as well. This is generally a good idea, as it means your workers will always have something they can refer back to if they are not sure what to do in a certain situation.

Train your new employees up correctly and you can make sure your workplace is as safe as possible. It is always best to drill safety procedures into employees early on, so they don't end up developing bad habits.ADNFCR-2754-ID-801755083-ADNFCR


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