Fire Door Keep Shut Signs

Fire Door Keep shut signs are one of the most important Fire Safety Signs.  Included in this section are standard Fire Door Keep Shut signs, but also variations like Fire Door Keep Locked shut.  

These signs can be provided as a lower cost option for business that need to mark a lot of doors.  Premium stainless steel signs  are also available that can be screwed onto any fire doors in the building and still allow the building to retain their premium look and feel. 



Fire Door Keep Shut for Manual Doors

Fire Door Keep Shut

This is the most common sign variation.  It is designed to remind building users to shut doors.  Fire Doors are meant to remain closed in order to prevent fires from spreading from one area to another.  Although these signs are small, if they are obeyed, they can really help save lives. 

Fire Door Keep Locked Shut

For areas where it is vital the doors are kept locked shut to prevent the spread of fire. 

Automatic Fire Doors

The Fire Door Keep Shut signs for Automatic Doors have a different purpose.  Theses doors will close automatically in the event of a fire.  The signs are intended to make people aware of the nature of the doors, ensuring that they aren't caught by the doors moving. 

Fire Exit Keep Clear

As important as stopping fires from sreading is ensuring that Fire Exits are kept clear.  It is important to mark all fire exits to ensure people keep them clear.  New Staff or visitors to the building may unitentionally block a vital exit.  Well placed Keep Clear signage can help prevent that from happening.  

Keep door unlocked

Another potential danger is that security staff will unitentionally lock vital Fire exits.  These signs make sure this isn't forgotten, so an important sticker on internal / external doors that are used as part of a Fire Exit route but that aren't regularly trafficked.  

Unlock when occupied

Another area to consider are doors which are locked at night or when the building is empty.  We provide a range that reminds security and facilities staff to unlock doors when premises are occupied.

Bi-lingual / Welsh Fire Door Keep Shut Signs

Welsh is still a first language for many in Wales, as a result all safety signs have to be written in both Welsh and English.  We provide a full range of bilingual sagety signs, including Fire Door Keep Shut. 

Custom Fire Door signs

If you have specific requirements for a Fire Door Keep shut sign we can help.  We can either provide unusual messages, translations into other languages or innovative materials if you need a particular look and feel to your signs. 



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