No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Signs indicate when and where you cannot smoke. Smoking prohibition signs normally contain a no smoking symbol with a black cigarette and smoke in a crossed red prohibition circle.



Do you need to buy smoking signs?

On July 1st 2007, the smoking ban in England came into force for all public spaces and workplaces, meaning organisations such as restaurants and nightclubs had to ensure their customers went outside or into a designated outdoor area to light up.

The new rules for England fall under the Smoke-free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006.

It came into effect earlier in Scotland, on March 26th 2006 under the Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Premises (Scotland) Regulations of the same year. In Wales, the ban became law under the Smoke Free Premises etc. (Wales) Regulations 2007 on April 2nd.

Vehicles used for work purposes also fall under the remit of the regulations - including public transport and heavy goods vehicles - so organisations such as hauliers and taxi firms need to ensure they and their staff comply with the law.

Smoking signs also need to be displayed at premises to make it clear to employees and members of the public that smoking is prohibited.

Aside from the law, the Health and Safety Executive also advises businesses to ban smoking in the workplace to protect people who do not have the habit from second-hand smoke. If staff members do not feel as though the law is being enforced, they could decide to inform the local authority, which is responsible for prosecuting companies.

Why are smoking signs required?

Smoking signs play an important part in ensuring that the regulations are abided by.

While there are some exemptions as to which premises this law applies to, the remaining enclosed and substantially enclosed public spaces and workplaces need to follow the legislation, including the provision of no smoking signs.

Enclosed locations are defined as having a ceiling or roof and are wholly covered, while substantially enclosed areas have a ceiling or roof and there are openings that can be closed in less than half of the perimeter.

While all the legislation in England, Wales and Scotland are similar, in the example of England, the Smoke-free (Signs) Regulations 2007 dictate that no smoking signs must be displayed at the entrance of the building, along with the words 'No smoking. It is against the law to smoke in these premises.'

The ending of the phrase can be tailored depending on what the premises are used for, such as 'It is against the law to smoke in this restaurant.'

Aside from breaking the law, companies will no doubt want to avoid the potential financial penalties of not adhering to this. Up to £1,000 can be levied should smoking signs not be displayed, while this shoots up to £2,500 if employers, property managers or owners do not prevent people lighting up in a place that should be smoke-free.

The different types of signs

Premises that are smoke-free need to display signs at the entrance that are at least A5 in size. These consist of a no-smoking symbol and the words detailed above.

They should be fixed to a smooth, flat wall and can be used both inside and outside a property.

Rigid no smoking signs made of plastic can also be placed in and around a building, although they cannot be used at an entrance instead of the A5 sign except in two circumstances.

These are if the entrance is only used by members of staff, so long as at least one A5 smoking sign is erected elsewhere and if the entrance is within larger smoke-free premises, such as a store in a shopping centre. The A5 sign will have been, under the law, placed at the entrance of the mall.

Small stickers can also prove useful, especially for the cabs of work vehicles and on the windows of public transport.

In order to adhere to the law and avoid financial penalties, stocking up on a variety of smoking signs could prove a wise move for organisations and property owners to make.

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