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Do you have to ban E-cigarette Vaping in your organisation?

The 2007 No Smoking legislation doesn't cover e-cigarettes / vaping. There is no legal requirement to ban or restrict e-cigarette smoking. It is up to individual businesses and organisations to define their own e-cigarette policies.

Why you might want to ban E-cigarette smoking in your building.

  1. 1. E-cigarette smoking is relatively new, so there is no evidence about what happens when humans are subject to long term e-cigarette vapour exposure.
  2. 2.There are places and activities where vaping wouldn’t be appropriate.  For example in  customer service roles, in hospitals or in food preparation environments. It may be simpler to ban vaping from most areas to avoid having to create a case by case policy.
  3. 3.Other employees may object to people vaping near them. A clear policy could help to avoid conflict.

Why a separate "E-cigarette smoking area" or "vaping area" might make sense.

As many people switch to E-cigarettes to help giving up smoking there is a good case for not forcing E-cigarette smokers to share the same smoking area with conventional smokers.  It might help them to avoid getting back into bad habits.  You could consider siting your “Designated e-cigarette smoking area” indoors, giving your staff an additional incentive to switch from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.



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