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no smoking inc e-cigarettes

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Prohibition > no smoking including E-Cigarettes safety sign. no smoking symbol - cigarette & smoke in black with red prohibition circle & line through, white text on red background.

We have introduced a new range of signage to help businesses manage how visitors and staff use e-cigarettes (often called vaping) on their premises.

Are you legally obliged to ban e-cigarette smoking?

No. Current no smoking legislation doesn't cover e-cigs, so you aren't under any legal obligation to ban them or prevent people from vaping. However there are a number of reasons that you might want to control e-cigarette smoking.

1) The health risks of e-cigarettes aren't fully understood. While they certainly look like a much healthier alternative to smoking, there haven't been any human trials of long term exposure to the vapour from e-cigarettes.

2) Not everyone will be comfortable with colleagues or other visitors vaping near them. By having separate, designated vaping area you you avoid this problem.

3) Maintaining a professional appearance at your business. By having a clear policy it prevents people vaping in front of your customers or in inappropriate situations (like customer service or food preparation).

4)Supporting healthier staff.  According to UCL researcher Professor West if everyone who smoked in the UK switched to e-cigarettes it could save 45,000 lives. By having a separate area away from the conventional smoking area you support people who are using E-cigarettes as a method to help cut down or quit conventional smoking.

We provide three types of signs to help deal with this problem. A No Smoking E-cigarettes sign, to partner with existing signs, a No smoking including E-cigarettes sign and a Designated e-cigarette smoking area sign to set up a designated e-cigarette smoking area.

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Sign Text: No Smoking Including E-Cigarettes 
Product Type: Safety Sign 
Dimensions: 150x200mm 
Material: Vinyl / Sticker 
Orientation: Portrait 
Text Colour: White 

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