Do Not Enter Signs

 Do Not Enter and No Access signs perform two very important site safety roles.   Preventing access for security reasons and preventing access to keep visitors, staff and guests safe. 

We provide a range of signs for both restricted access and general no entry.   Our range includes Do Not Enter, No Entry and No Access signs. 

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Types of Do Not Enter Signs  

These are usually styled as prohibition signs and can be divided into three main categories. 

Entry Prohibition - that prohibit access to everyone / all visitors. 

Restricted Access Signs -  These allow entry to only certain groups., for example prohibitting access to contractors or people wearing pacemakers. 

Conditional Access Signs - These signs prohbit access to groups or people with the right security credentials or only to members of staff. 

Do Not Enter symbols - EN7010  

Do not enter symbols have been updated recently as part of new En7010 legislation.  The silhouette sign with the line through it has changed and has been replaced with the new stick figure style.  The no access sign showing a man with hand raised has also been altered with the hand now filled in black. If you need a speciific prohbibtion sign we can manufacture a custom sign for you with your wording and any of the standard Do Not Enter / restricted access symbols. 

Do not Enter signs improving Safety. 

In 2010 Transport for London tested replacing the standard prohbition  sign that is intended to probibit all road traffic except for cyclsts.  This sign shows a Motorcyle suspended in the air above a car.  This was replaced with a number of  improved signs that shows the standard No Entry Symbol, with added wording underneath that said 'Except Cyclists'.  

TFL found that not only did fewer motorists incorrectly use these roads, more cyclists started to use them too.  Not only this but there were fewer over all colissions recorded. So thee right choice of Do Not Enter signs can make a real difference to safety.  

Please get in touch with us if you would like to our help and advice selecting the right sign for needs. 

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