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8th August 2014 | Health and Safety Signs, Door Signs

When it comes to health and safety, it is very important that all bases are covered. However, sometimes simple things slip your mind. This is most often the case with safety signage, where many workplaces could do with quite a few more notices warning people of hazards.

There is no need to cover every single surface in signage, of course. However, many organisations could do with a few signs here and there to warn employees about dangers that aren't immediately obvious. Here are a few of the most commonly forgotten.


Fire extinguisher colour codes

In workplaces with a wide variety of fire hazards, several different types of fire extinguisher might be installed. These are usually colour coded, with a description on each detailing the types of fire they are to be used on. However, in case of a fire nobody has time to go around checking each individual extinguisher.

Ideally, every employee should be well-versed in which extinguishers to use in every scenario. However, it is often a good idea to have a colour chart in a prominent, easily accessible place. This helps employees quickly work out which extinguisher to use in case of an emergency.


Oiling/cleaning while in motion

Most heavy machinery should not be cleaned or oiled in case it is completely shut off. This might seem like an obvious one, but it is one of the most common causes of workplace injury. Put this signage up where it is relevant to make sure none of your employees forget.


No escape

This might sound sinister, but this sign is incredibly simple; it warns employees that a certain door is not a fire escape. Most of the time, fire escapes are carefully planned to provide a clear, unobstructed route out of the building. However, in an emergency people can panic and may rush out of the nearest door available.

This might lead to obstructions or further hazards, so there are some doors you definitely don't want workers hurrying out of. A simple 'no escape' sign tells them this is not a suitable way to go in case of a fire.ADNFCR-2754-ID-801740836-ADNFCR


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