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Don't overcrowd your workplace with signs

26th August 2014 | Health and Safety Signs

When you're responsible for the health and safety of a workplace - be it a simple, single-floor office or a massive construction site - it is easy to get a bit overzealous. Any accidents will be on your head, so you might want to make sure every single base is covered. However, this can end up causing more problems than it solves.

This is most evident when it comes to signs. You might want to put up as many safety signs as possible to ensure everyone in your workplace is prepared for the worst, but this can severely diminish their effects. If your employees have dozens of signs plastered everywhere it can easily become confusing, with safety procedures being missed.

You need to work out which signs are essential. This should be clear from any risk assessments you do. Remove any signage that you've put up 'just in case' - you should know exactly what your workplace needs, so anything non-essential can be got rid of as it will just crowd out the important warnings.

Think about the colour of the signs as well. If you have legitimately got a lot of different signs that need putting up, try to make sure the most important ones are clearly marked in red. These should signify any immediate dangers. Yellow signs should be used for the hazards that workers are at risk of, but not all the time.

This should allow employees to pick out the immediately important signs and abide by them all the time, while becoming familiar with the yellow ones over time. Blue signs should be kept separate from these, as they are instructions and therefore can be left apart from the warnings so as not to crowd them.

You should think about grouping similar signs together. For example, if you need to put up signs signifying the need for safety helmets, high-visibility clothing, foot protection and goggles to be worn in a certain area, you can put all these signs neatly together. This tells employees all the things they need at once.ADNFCR-2754-ID-801744531-ADNFCR


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