Caution Ice

With the current cold snap now is a good time to buy some Caution Ice signs.

As much as you may be trying to control icy conditions and hardpacked snowwith Salt  and with regular snow clearance ocassionally patches of the slippery stuff might make it through.

We stock four standard Caution Ice signs which you can find over here.



We offer a range of Ice signs:

 Best for Carparks and outdoor spaces

If you are looking for a premium metal sign to go in carparks or large out door area then our Stainless steel folding sign might be your best bet.  This is a solid sign that will last. It can be easily seen from a truck or car seat.  With some sandbags or weights used on the brace at the back of the sign it can also be very stable in windy conditions.

 Best for Exits

If you are looking for a temporary sign that you can use to warn people as they exit a building our folding plastic A-Frame is the way to go. The signs are easy to store and can be re-used whenever there is frost, snow or a cold snap.

 Best for attaching to door or walls

If you need simple signs that you can temporarily attach to an exit door or onto a wall then our 1 mm sign is probably your best bet.

Custom Snow / Ice Sign

If you want to warn of a specific risk like "Caution Black Ice" or "Warning path only salted until gate" then you can use one of our Custom Snowlfake Warning signs and add your own message. 


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