Caution Hot Water Stickers

 Caution Hot Water Stickers are frequently used in bathrooms and restrooms to warn people of the hazards of hot water. 

These warning signs are largely aimed at users of taps and basins in kitchens, cleaning areas and bathrooms.  They are designed to help people avoid scalding from water they don't realise to be hot. 

Temperature warning signs can be particularly important as there is often no visible risk before to warn people before it is too late.  A hot surface or unexpectedly hot water can scald before people even realise there is a temperature risk. 

Where to fix Caution Very Hot Water signs

These signs need to be fixed in a position where they are clearly visible before someone puts themselves at risk.  Ideally at eye level and at a size which is clearly visible.  

Custom designs and architectural Caution Hot Water signs

If these need to be fitted in a nicely designed bathroom environment in a hotel or restaurant restroom we can provide these signs in an attractive metal finish to allow the signs to co-ordinate with the overall interior design.

They are often used in combination with no drinking water signs. 

Public Liability issues

With no win, no fee law suits growing, so does the need for companies to protect themselves from law suits.  Scaldings are a significant risk for companies looking to avoid liability issues.  Scalding leaves a visible injury.  In addition this type of injury can usually be shown to have occurred in normal use the facilities, rather than during any type of abuse or misbehaviour.  Facilties should always be made safe first, but it make sense for companies to take extra measures to show they have made visitors aware of potential risks.



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