highly flammable lpg - warning diamond label Sign

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highly flammable lpg - warning diamond label

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warning diamond with flames symbol

Highly flammable LPG - warning diamond label Sign

This is a highly flammable LPG sign.

Liquid Petroleum Gas is propane or butane gas compressed down to a liquid form.  It has a range of uses from camping stoves, to BBQs and is an energy efficient way of powering vehicles.

There are a number of HSE guidelines provided for dealing safely with LPG in vehicles.

Safe Working with LPG-fuelled motor vehicles


This leaflet covers off some of the major risks associated with LPG and how to manage them.

Liquid Petroleum gas is particularly risky because it vaporises more rapidly than petrol.  As it is stored under pressure (sometimes up to 10bar g) it means that a leak will quickly turn into gas and disperse.  A 2% to 10% mixture is enough to catch fire and explode.

As well as dealing with explosive risks there can also be a risk of cold burns.  The gas expands from a liquid very rapidly and loses a lot of energy in doing so and gets very cold.  Anyone caught in a vapour cloud or touching effected metal surfaces could experience a cold burn.  

Because there are such significant risks from leaks a strong odour is added to the gas so that leaks are noticed quickly.

The guidelines stipulate that there are no legal requirements for specific signage on LPG powered vehicles, but suggest labelling tanks, filling caps and other areas of the vehicle.  In addition to creating separate working areas for LPG vehicles (away from heat etc.) it is important to sign these areas so that people working nearby know that there is an LPG risk nearby.

Here are some alternative Gas / L.P.G signs.

Compressed Gas

LPG warning diamond for caravans, campevan and motorhomes

L.P.G. Highly Flammable, No smoking or naked Lights

L.P.G. Highly Flammable, No smoking, Switch off engine


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Sign Text: highly flammable lpg 
Product Type: Hazard Label 
Dimensions: 100x100mm 
Material: Vinyl / Sticker 
Orientation: Diamond 
Text Colour: Black 

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