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know your fire extinguishers colour codes

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fire extinguisher instructions

This “Know your Fire Extinguisher Codes” sign covers a wide range of fire extinguisher types.

This sign details which Fire Extinguisher you should use for which type of fire.   Useful as a refresher after fire training or in an environment with a large number of different fire risks.

The water fire extinguisher is for use on paper wood and textile type fires.
This shouldn’t be used when electrical equipment, flammable metals or flammable liquid is on fire.

Dry Powder
As well as being safe on wood, textiles and paper, the Dry Powder fire extinguisher can be safely used on flammable liquid fires, electrical fires.  It is safe for use on Gaseous Fires.  

CO2 Or Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers should not be used when textiles, wood or paper are on fire.  However C02 fire extinguishers can be used on flammable liquid fires and on Electrical fires.

This poster also warns people not to hold onto the horn whilst using the Fire Extinguisher.

AFF Foam Spray
This section refers to Aqueous Film Forming Foams.  These foams are capable of forming a layer on top of flammable liquids.

As well as being able to use AFF Foam on paper, textiles, wood and fires made of similar materials AFFF can be used on flammable liquid fires.

This foams should not be used on electrical equipment or on fires with flammable metals.

Fire Blanket
This section of the poster covers how Fire blankets should be used for Smothering Fires.  It consists of two parts.  The first sections covers off the kitchen type fires that are suitable for smothering using a Fire Blanket, chip pan fires, deep fat fires and fires in rubbish bins.  The second section details how the fire blanket can be used to save someone who is on fire.

Wet Chemical
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are suitable for safe on two different types of fire.  Wet Chemicals are suitable for use Cooking Oil & Deep Fat Fires.  This type of Wet Chemical fire extinguisher can also be used on paper, wood and textiles.   

This section also contains a warning that you shouldn’t use this type of fire extinguisher on Flammable Gas, Flammable liquid fires and you shouldn’t use wet chemical fire extinguishers on Electrical Equipment.  There is also a section which makes it clear that you shouldn’t put the nozzle of the fire extinguisher into the fat or oil.


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Product Type: Safety Sign 
Dimensions: 100x75mm 
Material: Plastic Semi-rigid 1mm 
Orientation: Landscape 
Text Colour: White 
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