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Safety in the workplace: The must-haves

18th June 2014 | Office Signs, Health and Safety Signs, Fire Signs

When it comes to workplace safety, more is always better. You should stock your office, construction site or factory with as much safety equipment as you can manage, in order to deal with any risk that might come your way. However, this is obviously unrealistic.

Every business has to choose what safety features to install in your workplace, and when it comes to your turn you will need to at least make sure you have all of the essentials. There are a few things that every employer needs to make sure they have provided to ensure their workers are as safe as possible.


Fire extinguishers

This might seem like an obvious one: you need to make sure your employees have a way of putting out fire. However, many businesses get it wrong, assuming they need a number of fire extinguishers determined by how many people they employ.

In fact, you need to base how many fire extinguishers you have on the possible sources of fire. Water-based extinguishers only deal with certain types of fire. Instead, you might need a CO2 or foam extinguisher, for example if you have electrical devices that might catch fire.


Fire exits

Along with extinguishers, there is a need for clear fire signs pointing to a safe exit. These need to be clearly marked and visible from all parts of the workplace so employees always know where to go in case of an emergency.


A first-aid kit

If somebody does get injured, immediate medical attention can help them immensely. Every workplace needs a qualified first-aider, and you should also make sure you have a well-stocked medical kit as well.

Again, plan this based on what emergencies may occur, not how many people are in your workplace. Cuts, burns and broken bones are all possibilities, as well as less-common injuries. If you have performed all the necessary risk assessments, you should know how people might get hurt.


Safety signs

Finally, you need to be able to warn all your employees of any dangers that need to be avoided. This can be as simple as putting 'wet floor' signs down after cleaning, or installing signage informing people of the need for goggles in certain areas.ADNFCR-2754-ID-801729030-ADNFCR


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