wheelchair symbol only - door sign

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wheelchair symbol only - door sign

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wheelchair / disabled symbol in positive black

When are you required to provide access to disabled toilets?
“In Principle, suitable sanitary accommodation should be available to everybody, including sanitary accommodation designed for wheelchair users …“

As well as being a planning and ethical consideration, there is also a financial motivation as In the UK the disposable income of people with disabilities is estimated to be in the region of £80 billion.

Accessible toilets need to comply to British Standards BS 8300-2009 and the Building Regulations Approved Document M 2004.

What do you need to consider?
The regulations layout heights and positions for toilets, sinks and clearances for access.  For example there is guidance on the correct height for toilet seats. This may seem arbitrary, but if you imagine trying to lift your entire body weight up 10 cm up on your hands whilst moving sideways at the same time, you’ll see why having toilet seats at the same height as a wheelchair seat is so important.

You also need to provide a wash basin at a wheelchair friendly height and a shelf / disposal unit for use with colostomy bags.  You also need to install rails at appropriate heights to allow wheelchair users to use toilet and wash basin facilities.

As well as sufficient space inside the toilet cubicle there also needs to be plenty of room outside of the toilet to allow wheelchair users to manoeuvre in and out of the doorway.

There are also detailed requirements such as making sure that the flush handle for the toilet is on the open side of the cistern and not positioned on the wall side.  This is to make it possible for those who may need to flush whilst sitting in a wheelchair or how have to flush using a different part of their body like their elbow or even their chin.
What else needs to be considered:

As well as considering wheel chair users you also need to consider people with visual or learning difficulties.  One important consideration is people “whose lack of tactile sensitivity can cause them to be injured by touching hot surfaces”.  So warning “Hot surface signs” should also be considered.
Visual contrast between toilet background and grab rails and a contrast between floor finishes and wall finishes is also important for people with visual impairments.
This leaflet does an excellent job of outlining the thinking behind the accessible toilet regulations.

Where can this sign be used?
This sign can be used to:
    •    indicate a unisex, dedicated accessible sanitary facility
    •    in combination with normal male / female toilet symbol to indicate that an accessible W.C. is available
    •    on a unisex accessible cubicle
The provisions recommend building a wheelchair accessible unisex W.C. as it increases the likelihood that the facility will be available when a disabled person needs to use it.

How should you mount this sign?
Consider visibility of signage for wheelchair users so make sure that they are visible from wheelchair height.  This sign can be mounted with

For fire safety and disability access:
See these alternative sign designs.

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Sign Text: none 
Product Type: Architectural Door Sign 
Dimensions: 150x150mm 
Material: Plastic Semi-rigid Gold 
Orientation: Square 
Text Colour: None 
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