TAGEVAC Modular Evacuation System

TAGEVAC® is a proven evacuation system that provides a clear and safe way to manage the evacuation of your building. Using intuitive information panels, staff and emergency services can tell in an instant which areas are clear.

Simple and low tech TAGEVAC® uses clear colour-coded messaging so you don’t have to think in an emergency. Set up is easy, there’s zero maintenance for managers and easy to train your staff. It works like this:

Divide every area of your building into manageable evacuation zones. In an emergency, an appointed fire warden will check each zone to ensure no persons are within the zone. To confirm this the fire warden takes the TAG from the zone’s designated ‘TAG Station’ to the central control board. The emergency services can see at a glance which zones in the building are checked and the progress of evacuation in real time.

For faster, safer and simpler evacuation take the following steps:

1) Divide your building into evacuation zones.

2) Count the number of zones in your building and add on any disabled REFUGE areas. This will give you the total number of Zone TAG Stations that you need to buy.

3) The TAGEVAC® MODULAR system is sold in packs of up to 8.  If you need more than 8 Zones then just buy a combination of packs to add up to the total that you want, e.g. 14 zones required, order 1 x 8 pack and 1 x 6 pack. Each pack comes with a control board included.

4) Once you have completed your purchase we will send you an online survey to fill in.  This will let you specify the details of the locations, colours and contact details for the stations.  We will then manufacture and ship your zone stations to be with you within 5 working days.

5) You will receive your Zone Stations packs, Control board and a self-adhesive label set.  Just apply your labels, mount your Tag Stations and locate your control board then you will be ready to train your Fire Wardens.




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