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Welcome to Cotwsold?

2nd September 2010 | Warning Signs

Posted by Ben Alexander.

An unfortunate spelling mistake has been spotted on a warning sign in Gloucestershire.

The sign, on the A429 road, points motorists in the direction of Cotswold Airport. But this sign manages to misspell one of the UK's most famous regions, getting the "s" and the "w" the wrong way round, the BBC reported.

 Nick Howard, manager of the airport, formerly known as Kemble Airfield, told the news source the sign had actually been up for a few weeks before anyone at the site was informed it was wrong.

"The sign had been up for a couple of weeks before we received an email saying it was wrong and I thought, my goodness I drive past it every day.

"I had even looked at it and thought 'good the sign is up' so it just shows you that the right letters were there and I just fed them into my brain as I drove past."

A spokesperson for the local council, responsible for the sign, said the sign would be changed with costs charged to the manufacturer.

Last month a safety sign in Warwickshire misspelled the name of village Bishop's Itchington, missing out the first "t" of the word.


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