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Warning sign: Watch out, Bigfoot about

30th July 2010 | Warning Signs

Posted by Nicole Stevens. 

A safety sign in America is urging people to keep their eyes peeled for a big, hairy ape – not the local park ranger but the one and only Bigfoot.

According to the Press-Enterprise, a safety sign on highway 243 in Mountain Centre, Idyllwild, California, sports an image of the infamous simian that is purported to stalk the forests and woodlands of north America.

The news provider reports that "a clever person" has erected a yellow, diamond-shaped warning sign so passers by now know that their top safety priority is not falling rocks, deer shooting across the road or difficult driving conditions, but the fact that a ten foot tall beast is haunting the surrounding San Jacinto Mountains.

Debate rages over the truth of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. Most firmly believe the creature is the product of pure mythology but there have been several recorded sightings and photos of the creature.

Here in the UK devilish pranksters have been up to similar japes. Last week a warning sign appeared on a bridge in Wigan warning motorists to watch out for a Triceratops.


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