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Safety sign removed due to 'severe mangling' of Welsh language

13th August 2010 | Warning Signs

Posted by Jason Nicholls.

It has been a case of lost in translation for council workers in Wales who have had to take down a safety sign because it made "absolutely no sense whatsoever."

According to, the safety sign, in a car park at Sophia Gardens Caravan Park in Cardiff, an attempt at translation from English to Welsh, was removed after the man who spotted it described at as the worst case of translation he had ever seen.

Carwyn Lloyd Jones, managing director of Cardiff design company Hoffi, told the newspaper he spotted the sign and thought it looked like it was written in "crazy language" and felt "confused as to what it was saying".

Mr Jones was so astonished at the quality of the translation he took a photo of the safety sign and published it on social network Twitter and photo-sharing site Flickr.

He told the news provider: "We do quite a lot of bilingual work in my company, so we work with translators and the Welsh language a lot, trying to promote it in a positive light. We come across a lot of stuff that has been badly translated.

"It's the worst case of bad translation I’ve ever seen. If you just read the Welsh, I don't think you could translate it into English."

Aran Jones, chief executive of Welsh language communities group Cymuned, said it looked as if "someone has used a particularly bad online translator" and was "absolutely staggering".

Cardiff Council has apologised for the sign.

Having correctly translated warning signs is very important, as wrongly worded safety signage could pose significant risks.


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