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Residents make their own humourous warning signs

21st February 2012 | Warning Signs

Posted by Ben Alexander

Warning signs are ordinarily assumed to be simplistic, concise and serious, but a number of people have defied the stereotype with their own comical alternatives. features a wide selection of funny homemade signs which focus on all manner of topics in an attempt to stop neighbourly problems.

One of them takes the comedy route to try and stop unwanted litter being left on the ground, with it reading: "Please do not drop your cigarette butts on the ground. The cat crawls out at night to smoke them and we are trying to get him to quit."

Another resident has left a particularly sarcastic note in an effort to solve annoyances. It describes a car's sound system as "amazing" and "loud", before saying that it is "awesome" to see it shake all of the complex's buildings.

Elsewhere, the Cork Independent has reported that Cork County Council recently fitted a sign in the city with the wrong translation, which is sure to have provided much humour for locals.

The sign meant "English in the market", as opposed to the planned message of "English market".


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