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Emergency Evacuation. Does your system work?

4th March 2011 | Fire Exit Signs

Posted by Martin Reed.

In the case of fire, ensuring your building is adequately evacuated and providing this information to the Fire and Rescue Service immediately on their arrival is essential...

The uniquely designed TAGEVAC™ System can provide this information for any premises, regardless of complexity or the type of organisation. It provides a fast, simple and safe method to check the ‘designated’ zones within any building are clear on evacuation.

TAGEVAC™ enables any organisation to develop a zoned fire evacuation system to meet their own specific requirements. It provides clarity to Emergency Planning, effective training of Fire Wardens and uses an established methodology recognised and adopted by the Fire & Rescue Service.

Tag Station

The simple mechanical system uses a magnetic ‘Tag Station’ fixed at a suitable location within each designated zone with a central magnetic control board used to collate all the ‘Tags’ upon evacuation.

Control Board

Each Tag Station corresponds to a matching location on the Control Board, simplified by the use of colour specific areas and names as required on an individual client basis. On fitting the tag into the Control Board the ‘Zone’ is changed from status ‘Unchecked’ to ‘Checked’.

Immediately upon arrival the Fire & Rescue Service can identify which Zones (if any) have not been checked and prioritise their actions accordingly.

For more details of the TAGEVAC™ system for use in your buildings, please contact TAGEVAC™ direct on 0845 50 40 999.

TAGEVAC™ is manufactured in the UK by Viking Signs.


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